Currently, Thyssengas overwhelmingly transports fossil natural gas.

Nevertheless, we are highly conscious of the challenging targets of the “Energy Transition” and feel a shared responsibility to contribute to their achievement.

Thyssengas sees itself as obliged to play an active role in shaping this process. We stand by the goals of the Paris Climate Accord and firmly intend to work towards the transformation of our current energy supply system to achieve full carbon neutrality. We thus wish to make a contribution of our own to achieving the fixed CO₂ reduction goals and thus ensuring the German economy reaches climate neutrality by 2045.

For us, sustainability means more than reducing emissions. We pursue a very broad sustainability approach across all departments, covering topics such as mobility, ecology, health and safety, workplace culture, social engagement, compliance, business ethics, resilience and future-proofing.

In this context, this is what sustainability means for Thyssengas:

  • social responsibility, which we accept as a component of our corporate strategy;
  • achieving balance between the economic, social and ecological demands we make of our business activity; and
  • harmonising our action with
    • the demands of energy policy, namely security of supply, environmental sustainability and economic viability
    • the goals of the German Energy Act (EnWG) of achieving the most secure, cost-effective, user-friendly, efficient and sustainable network-based public supply of electricity, gas and, in the future, hydrogen, with increasing reliance on renewable energy.


Sustainability Report on Environmental Protection, Social Engagement and Corporate Governance (ESG)

Reporting year 2021
Reporting year 2022

Corporate Social Responsibility

Thyssengas understands its responsibility as not just involving secure, safe gas transportation using innovative technology. Just as the energy we supply serves the people it is supplied to, our company also supports and nurtures people living in our region.

Mission statement

Our projects

We believe in sustainable partnerships and long-term engagement.

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Environment and safety

With our network, energy reaches its destination safely and with low impact on the environment.

Safety of gas pipelines
Greenhouse gas emissions