Thyssengas Netzauskunft

LNG feed-in

To enable us to give you decisive information about your project as fast as possible, we need some information in advance about the plant you are planning. Please fill out the LNG connection request questionnaire, which is available as a download, and send the completed form to The questionnaire contains a few important questions that you will be able to answer for us quickly and easily. This will help us support your planning swiftly and reliably.

LNG network map with initial information about feed-in capacities

In this network map, the Thyssengas transmission network is shown schematically. It gives LNG suppliers an initial overview of the possibilities of injecting LNG into our network.

The colour coding of the Thyssengas network was based on a reference date assuming an LNG plant connection capacity of at least 50,000 Nm³/h according to DVGW-G 260.

Green pipeline: potentially suitable for the connection of a LNG plant

Red pipeline: probably unsuitable for the connection of a LNG plant

Please note that the map is only an indicative overview of the capacity in the Thyssengas network. The actual potential for the connection of your LNG plant to our network depends on an exact check of the fundamental situation based on the data you have provided in the questionnaire and the current network condition at the time your connection request is made.

LNG contact

Do you have questions regarding LNG feed-in?

Then please contact:

Mr Marco Schilling
T +49 231 91291-1377
F+49 231 91291-38-1377