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Market space conversion - conversion of gas composition from low-calorific gas to high-calorific gas

A portion of the German natural gas market is supplied using low-calorific natural gas. This low-calorific gas comes from the sources German and Dutch production. The production generating the low-calorific gas is continuously decreasing in Germany. The Dutch transmission network operator Gasunie Transport Services B.V. (GTS) also announced a continuous decrease in export services from the Netherlands to Germany starting 2020.

Against this backdrop, the network areas which are currently still supplied with low-calorific gas will be continuously converted to high-calorific gas in the coming years in order to secure the supply of natural gas in the medium and long term.

The decision of which network areas to convert at which time will be made in coordination with the German Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) within the process of the network development plan (NDP) for gas. The distribution network operators affected by the conversion and directly connected ultimate consumers will be successively involved in the corresponding processes by Thyssengas GmbH in order to be able to plan the conversion process together early and implement the conversion on schedule.

Conversion planning

A detailed assignment of the network points to the conversion areas and their conversion times can be found in the NDP for gas database:

Announced binding conversion areas

All conversion areas which have already been announced as binding are shown there and updated quarterly by the long-distance network operators.

In addition, information on dependencies between the conversion areas as well as the currently scheduled technical conversion months is included:

Market space conversion charge

The current market space conversion charge of Thyssengas

Cost reimbursement in accordance with Section 19(a)(3) of the German Energy Industry Act (EnWG)

In accordance with Section 19(a)(3) of the German Energy Industry Act (EnWG), owners of customer installations or consumption equipment have an entitlement to reimbursement of €100 with proper proofs of use if a conversion is not carried out because the owner of these customer installations or consumption equipment decided to install a new piece of equipment. The prerequisite is that the customer installation or consumption equipment has proper proof of use and the installation is carried out after the time of the publication of the conversion date on our website and before the adjustment of the equipment within the framework of the conversion of gas composition.

If no new equipment is installed then the costs for the adjustment of the equipment recognised as necessary will be reimbursed within the framework of the provisions for the market space conversion charge.

Further information

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Contact person for market space conversion

Jan Hoffmann
T +49 231 91291-1964

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