Thyssengas Netzzugang

Capacity management

Capacity booking

The marketing of transport capacities in our gas transmission network occurs exclusively via PRISMA primary, the European capacity platform. You have to register at PRISMA primary before online booking of capacities. The following necessary admission as a shipper is completed by Thyssengas. You can find further information within the General Terms and Conditions of Entry and Exit Contract of Thyssengas GmbH at the Download area network access.

In addition, you can find relevant information regarding our entry and exit points in the information assistant.

The European capacity platform PRISMA secondary allows you to lease your capacity rights to a third party as well as assign your entry or exit contract with the consent of Thyssengas to a third party

PRISMA is the joint capacity booking platform of major European Transmission System Operators.

Link to the European capacity platform PRISMA, the joint capacity platform of various European gas transmission system operators

Inclusion of entry and exit points to balancing groups

The inclusion of entry and exit points to balancing groups and sub-balancing accounts in the market area THE may be carried out by using Thyssengas online tools EESy® and VMS (VIP-NCG-TTF-L und Zevenaar). Basically, capacities are to be included directly to balancing groups or sub-balancing accounts when booking on PRISMA.

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You can conclude balancing group contracts in the market area THE exclusively with the Trading Hub Europe GmbH.

Incremental Capacity

From the incremental capacity cycle 2023 - 2025 onwards, the German transmission system operators will charge a fee of €30,000 per market area border, type of request (incremental capacity or upgrade of existing capacity) and direction (entry or exit capacity) for their activities resulting from the submission of non-binding demand indications in accordance with Article 26 (11) of Regulation (EU) 2017/459 (NC CAM). Please note that the fee will also be charged if the transmission of the non-binding demand indication is not submitted to the applicants by the requesting party directly but by a third party (such as an adjacent, foreign TSO) (cf. point 37 BK9-22/042).

The approval by the Federal Network Agency and detailed information can be found in Decision BK9-22/042 or here.

Virtual Interconnection Points

Article 19 Paragraph 9 of the Regulation (EU) 2017/459 (NC CAM) foresees the establishment of virtual interconnection points (VIP). Please find here the current status of their implementation.

Internal order

As a downstream network operator you order the required exit capacity for cross-network transports on the basis of the “Kooperationsvereinbarung zwischen den Betreibern von in Deutschland gelegenen Gasversorgungsnetzen“.

You submit your internal order until 15 July of the actual year for the following calendar year or make modifications, if necessary, using Thyssengas‘ online tool EESy®.

The online-submission of internal orders requires the registration and application for the use of EESy®. You can find further information on the start page of EESy® under the menu item “Register”.

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Your contact persons

You can address to our contact persons of the capacity management regarding information to acquire capacities if necessary. Mrs. Reiß will assist you regarding the registration for our online tools.

Nadine Reiß, contact - E-Mail to Nadine Reiß