Thyssengas Netzauskunft

Implementing of transparency requirements as per EG VO 715/2009

According to Regulation (EC) No 715/2009 of European Parliament and of the Council on conditions for access to the natural gas transmission networks, and particularly to the Chapter 3 of Annex I, the European transmission system operators are bound to publish regularly on their Internet websites several updated information in a prevalent format. In the following you will find an overview of the implemented transparancy requirements and of the place you can find them.

EG VO 715/2009

Art. 18 (4)

relevant network points of Thyssengas list of relevant network points

Art. 19 (4)

Gas storage data Gas storage data

Anhang I zur EG VO 715/2009

3.1.2 a)

A detailed and comprehensive description of the different services and their charges Download area network access

3.1.2 b) u. c) 1.

Different transportation contracts and other significant documents Download area network access

3.1.2 c)

Network code / standard conditions Download area network access

3.1.2 c) 2.

Specification of relevant gas quality parameters Information assistant

3.1.2 c) 3.

Pressure requirements Information assistant

3.1.2 c) 4.

Procedure in the event of an interruption of interruptible capacity Network Access Conditions (PDF | 0,4 MB)

3.1.2 d)

Harmonised procedures applied when using the transmission system, including the definition of key terms Kooperationsvereinbarung vom 29. Juli 2008 (only available in German) (PDF | 0,6 MB)

3.1.2 e)

Provisions on capacity allocation, congestion management and anti-hoarding and reutilisation procedures Network Access Conditions (PDF | 0,4 MB)

3.1.2 f)

Rules applicable for capacity trade on the secondary market vis-à-vis the transmission system operator Kooperationsvereinbarung vom 29. Juli 2008 (only available in German) (PDF | 0,6 MB)

3.1.2 g)

Rules on balancing and methodology for the calculation of imbalance charges after 01.04.2011:
Trading Hub Europe

3.1.2 h)

Flexibility and tolerance levels included in transportation and with additional charges Balancing Group Contract

3.1.2 i)

Detailed description of the gas system of TSO and its relevant points of interconnection / names of the operators of the interconnected systems or facilities Information assistant

3.1.2 j)

Rules applicable for connection to the system Network Connection

3.1.2 k)

Information on emergency mechanisms Network Access Conditions (PDF | 0,4 MB)

3.1.2 l)

Procedures agreed at interconnection points (if relevant) relating to interoperability of the network, agreed procedures on nomination and matching procedures and other agreed procedures that set out provisions in relation to gas flow allocations and balancing Nomination and allocation at border crossing points
Technische Regel Arbeitsblatt G 2000 (only available in German)

3.1.2 m)

Description of the methodology and process used to calculate the technical capacity Technical capacity calculation

3.3. (1) a)–e), 3.3. (4), (5)

Capacities, nominations and renominations, actual physical flows, gross calorific values Information assistant

3.3. (1) f)

Planned and actual interruptions Information assistant

3.3. (1) g)

Planned and unscheduled interruptions Maintenance Work
Unplanned Interruptions

3.3.1 h)

Unsuccessful, legally valid requests for firm capacity products Information assistant

3.3.1 i)

Results of auctions for firm capacity products with a market clearing price higher than the reserve price Information assistant

3.3.1 j)

Details about the non-availability of firm capacity products within the regular allocation process Information assistant

3.3.1 k)

Total capacity offered by the application of the congestion management procedures Information assistant

3.4 (1) u. (2)

Information on secondary trading The European Internet Platform for Trading Secondary Natural Gas Transport Capacity

3.4 (3)

Balancing services Trading Hub Europe

3.4 (4)

Further flexibility service of TSO; here OFC Network Access Conditions (PDF | 0,4 MB)

3.4 (5)

Publication of the aggregated imbalance position of all users at the beginning of the gasday and the prognosticated imbalance position of all users at the end of the gasday Publication of the aggregated state of balance

3.4 (6)

User-friendly instruments for calculating tariffs Information assistant
Information of network tariffs/download tariff structure
Prisma European Capacity Platform