Thyssengas Netzauskunft

New connections to our natural gas transport system

We hereby declare our general willingness to establish new connections to our natural gas transport system – at the expense of the customer and upon compensation of the associated disadvantages caused to Thyssengas. A new connection to our natural gas transport system may only be established if no compelling operational reasons exist to preclude such a link.

The planning, construction, operation and maintenance of technical facilities associated with new connections is subject to the minimum technical requirements as stipulated in § 19 (3) of the EnWG (German Energy Act) concerning Thyssengas grid connections and supply lines.

For more information please contact us at the following address:

Thyssengas GmbH
Technical contracts
Emil-Moog-Platz 13
44137 Dortmund

Grid connection / Metering point operators

Marco Schilling
T+49 231 91291 - 1377
F+49 231 91291 - 38 - 1377
E-Mail to Marco Schilling

Grid interconnection / Gas storage connection

Thomas Hülsdünker
T+49 231 91291 - 1386
F+49 231 91291 - 38 - 1386
E-Mail to Thomas Hülsdünker