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The presence of underground supply systems is generally to be expected for construction projects. In order to fulfil your duty to enquire, pipeline information is to be obtained before beginning the work.

In addition to design and construction companies as well as representatives of public interests, you as a private person must also consider the fact that there may be supply systems on your property.

Die Thyssengas GmbH is a member of the national information system for pipeline enquiries BIL eG. BIL provides comprehensive cross-sectoral online information.

You have the option to make your enquiry directly through the BIL web portal at

The use of the BIL pipeline enquiry is free of charge for you and enables you to quickly and easily formulate your construction enquiry directly online. Your benefit: Your enquiry directly reaches all of the pipeline operators available via BIL. If we are not responsible for the area in your query then you will immediately receive negative information through BIL.

If Thyssengas systems are affected by your construction project then you will be informed of any necessary security measures and conditions

Further information can be found at

Pipeline enquiry

In order to be able to quickly and reliably process your pipeline enquiry, your enquiry should include the following information and additional documents:

  • Construction and project description
  • Planned construction period
  • Precise description of the location of the design or construction project
  • Telephone number, email address and street address for any further enquiries
  • Informative design or construction documents

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In case of damage

Should civil engineering works result in damage to the long-distance gas pipelines of Thyssengas GmbH, this is to be immediately reported to the switchboard, which is always staffed.

Telephone switchboard
T +49 800 0 010345

In case of a fault with the landline please contact the Control Centre by mobile on T+49 171 2226416