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Pre-qualification for the participation in tenders for load flow commitments or fuel gas

All interested parties that have previously pre-qualified can take part in our tenders for load flow commitments or fuel gas.

In the context of the pre-qualification procedure we analyse among other things the creditworthiness, availability and communication. For more information please see the

In order that your pre-qualification can be completed before the tenders begin, please send your completed and legally signed (German version) of the

plus annexes in a PDF-format and in good time by e-mail to

The English version of these Procedural Terms and the Pre-qualification Form serves only for informational purposes, in case of any discrepancies between the German and the English version hereof, the German version shall prevail.

For questions, please contact:

Markus Rottmann
E-Mail to Markus Rottmann

Please note that the pre-qualification procedure is only valid for interested parties that offer the above mentioned gas trading products, such as load flow commitments or fuel gas. It is not valid for parties that sell other services or products. If you are such a seller, please contact our purchasing department.