Thyssengas Netzzugang

Load flow commitments

Invitation for tenders for load flow commitments for L-gas on demand charge and unit charge basis for usage during February and March 2020

The Thyssengas GmbH requires load flow commitments for the operation of the network within the quality-spanning Market Area NetConnect Germany (NCG). Load flow commitments serve as an instrument for the offering of firm, freely associable entry and exit capacity for transportation within the Thyssengas network at the largest possible extent.

Thyssengas thus fulfills its obligation to take all economically reasonable measures needed for the offering of firm, freely associable entry and exit capacity at the largest possible extent, in order to prevent an intervention based on § 16 Sec. 2 EnWG [German Energy Industry Act] in order to maintain the security and reliability of the gas supply system. If there are not sufficient economically reasonable measures available after this tender, the likelihood that measures according to § 16 Sec. 2 EnWG have to be taken increases significantly for all shippers in the Market Area NCG.

Since the last tender did not cover all the tendered demand, Thyssengas invites to tender for positive load flow commitments for the L-gas-network on a demand charge and unit charge basis for the usage during February and March 2020.

The tender begins on 25.11.2019 and ends on 09.12.2019 at 12 am.

Tenderers are bound to their bids until 18.12.2019.

The lot size of the load flow commitments is 10 MWh/h. The call-off of the load flow commitment by Thyssengas is performed with at least 5 hours lead time.

Please see the table below showing the demand for load flow commitments in the individual months.

To determine the ranking of the tenders Thyssengas uses the lump sum price as a basis. The lump sum price of a tendered lot for a month is defined as the sum of the demand charge and the product of the unit charge, the lot size and the predicted duration of usage. For this tender Thyssengas determines the predicted duration of usage to the amount of 24 hours. The predicted duration of usage will be used exclusively to identify the ranking of the tenders; it does not give information about the real duration of usage of the load flow commitment. For this purpose the rules of the particular master agreement and the processing rules for the call-off of load flow commitments apply exclusively.

Bids may be submitted for individual months in the usage period and accepted by Thyssengas.

The Thyssengas GmbH tenders are open to all suppliers who have pre-qualified and accept the conditions for the pre-qualification and tendering procedure (procedural conditions).

If you have any questions, please contact:

Markus Rottmann
E-Mail to Markus Rottmann