Thyssengas Netzzugang

Fuel gas

For the operation of the gas grid the Thyssengas GmbH needs natural gas and biogas to cover the operating consumption.

During the last tenders the following total amounts to be delivered at VTP H- respectively L-gas of Trading Hub Europe from 01.01.2025, 6:00 am, to 01.01.2026, 6:00 am, had been contracted:

H-biogas: 24,878.40 MWh,

L-biogas: 4,975.68 MWh.

Currently there is no tender for fuel gas.

All suppliers can take part in a tender, provided that they first pre-qualify and accept the procedural terms and conclude with us the master agreement concerning the supply of fuel gas.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Markus Rottmann
E-Mail to Markus Rottmann

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