Thyssengas Netzzugang

Fuel gas

Tender for fuel gas for the Thyssengas H- and L-gas-network calendar year 2020

For the operation of the H- and L-gas-grid during the period from 01.01.2020, 06:00 am, to 01.01.2021, 6:00 am, the Thyssengas GmbH needs natural gas.

Put out to tender shall be the following total amounts to be delivered at VP H- respective L-Gas of NetConnect Germany GmbH & Co. KG:

H-gas: 50,947.2 MWh,

L-gas: 96,624.0 MWh.

The monthly schedule with the exact quantities is depicted in the appendix of the respective form for the offer.

The binding offers (German version) can be released until 21.11.2019, 11:00 am, in a PDF-format by e-mail to

The signed master agreement (German version) must be submitted in advance in a single copy in paper form by post.

The period of validity of the offers of this tender will close at 21.11.2019, 12:00 am.

All suppliers can take part in the tender, provided that they first pre-qualify and accept the Procedural Conditions.

After successful pre-qualification, you will receive an Excel file from us by e-mail to facilitate the tender evaluation. Please fill in the Excel spreadsheet and attach it to your offer. If you submit only one offer for one gas quality, please leave the other one empty.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Markus Rottmann
E-Mail to Markus Rottmann