Thyssengas Biogas

Biogas levy

Publication of the biogas levy

According to section 7 KoV X and section 25 General Terms and Conditions for the Entry and Exit Contract and in conjunction with the guidelines concerning the biogas cost rollup, the biogas levy will be calculated nationwide and be charged in addition to the network tariffs at exit points to directly connected end-consumers and downstream network operators. The biogas levy will not affect exit points as storage facilities, cross-border interconnection points and market area connection points.

Biogas levy for calendar year 2020

For the calendar year 2020, the nationwide biogas levy is 0.6350 €/kWh/h/a.

Biogas levy for calendar year 2019

For the calendar year 2019, the nationwide biogas levy is 0.00181350 €/kWh/h/d, which corresponds to an annual amount of approx. 0.66193 €/kWh/h/a.