Thyssengas Kontakt

Voice recording of incoming calls in connection with problem reports

We will only process and store any data you provide us with during calls to the control centre in accordance with the applicable legal provisions:

  • Data about you is processed by us for the purposes of troubleshooting and fault clearance.
  • Your call will be erased from the devices concerned for the purposes of direct access after 30 minutes (in other words, it cannot be listened to again). Calls are archived for 10 years for future reference and subsequently erased.
  • The data which are stored in this way are only passed on to others if they are required as evidence in connection with relevant incidents. In all other cases, they are only used and stored internally by Thyssengas; we do not share them with third parties.
  • The legal basis for processing data about you is the Set of Rules published by the German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water (DVGW) in combination with the German Energy Industry Act (EnWG).