Mission statement

Thyssengas wishes to achieve a harmony between economic success and socially responsible action.

In our daily business, however, conflicting goals and complex interactions are becoming ever more commonplace.

To handle these, Thyssengas has developed a mission statement. In it, we describe the characteristics that we wish to combine to the highest possible level:

Economically successful

Economic success is central to our activity. We work to add value and secure the future both for our employees and shareholders. We direct our activity towards long-term business success, at the same time keeping an eye on short- to medium-term influencing factors.


We interact with employees, suppliers, customers and those with whom we cooperate in a spirit of partnership.


We consider sustainability to be the principle underlying the continuous improvement of our business activity with regard to its long-term effects on our ecological, economic and social environment.


We behave towards all stakeholders in such a way that our actions are transparent, comprehensible and in harmony with our stated position.