Thyssengas Netzauskunft

Information assistant

Shippers may use our information assistant (see below) to inform themselves about our entry and exit points and call up clear and concise data on capacities and bookings.

Information assistant

The Thyssengas GmbH information assistant provides you with a wide range of detailed information regarding network points, stations and zones. All of the information in this public Internet area is solely for information purposes and is not legally binding.

Here you can find both the entry points and exit points bookable by our shippers as well as network interconnection points for which downstream network operators may submit internal orders.

The network tariffs shown are net fees and are subject to the applicable VAT. Surcharges for capacity contracts with a duration shorter than a year, the metering charge, as well as the meter operation charge, any applicable concession or other charges and taxes including biogas levy in accordance with Section 20 b of the Gas Transport Tariff Ordinance (GasNEV) and market area conversion levy to be passed on in accordance with Section 19 a, Energy Industry Act (EnWG) are not included.

If you are unable to find a point of which you are aware, our contact persons will be pleased to help.