Thyssengas – Fortschritt für die Energiewelt von morgen.

Thyssengas – progress for the energy industry of tomorrow.

Thyssengas GmbH is an independent company and connects energy sources from near and far. Every year we transmit up to 10 billion cubic metres of gas through 4,200-kilometre-long underground transmission network so that it arrives where it is needed safely and without harming the environment. In doing so, we interconnect various energy supply sectors into an overall concept at the same time.

We are convinced that an ultramodern gas infra­structure is the only way to achieve the objectives of the security of supply and the decarbonisation of the energy industry and to reconcile them with each other. A team of 380 specialists are working every day on achieving these objectives.

Verdichter Station Ochtrup

Thyssengas shares the responsibility for one of Europe's largest market areas.

As a co-founder of NetConnect Germany, we created the NCG market area. Our customers profit from the consolidation of the networks for low-calorific gas and high-calorific gas of six gas network operators into one large market area which we serve with clear customer focus and numerous innovations.

This move will further stimulate competition and bring additional liquidity to the German gas market.

The high-pressure pipeline system in Germany's largest market area has an overall length of almost 20,000 kilometres and connects more than 500 (downstream) distribution networks.

We will play an active role in shaping the future and, together with our current partners and any future partners as well, wish to further develop the NCG market area over the long term and to create one of the most liquid gas markets in Europe.

Flexible network usage

EESy and PRISMA – The portals for the flexible use of the Thyssengas network.

EESy stands for Entry-Exit-System and provides simple access to the Thyssengas transmission network. Transmission customers can use EESy® to insert capacity that has been booked or purchased by auction using the online trading platform PRISMA into balancing accounts, provided that the capacity is not from day-ahead auctions or within-day auctions. Downstream network operators can release the internal order for the next calendar year or make any necessary corrections and adjustments to the order by 15 July of the respective current year.

Thyssengas participates in the capacity platform PRISMA, where capacity rights are purchased and sold by auction. With harmonised capacity products and auction mechanisms, PRISMA is an important step toward a European internal gas market.

In addition to Thyssengas, there are currently 27 other European TSOs from Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Portugal and Spain connected to the platform and marketing transmission capacity through PRISMA. 23 of these TSOs are shareholders of PRISMA European Capacity Platform GmbH.

Competence and cooperation

Transmission specialists for innovative services.

The demand for energy is growing, and so are the requirements of our customers. The name Thyssengas has always stood for innovation and pioneering services.

Our team, which has grown considerably, concentrates on the development of innovative solutions which directly benefit our customers.

They profit from a unique treasure trove of experience of our expanded team: ideas for a new energy era.