Nachhaltigkeitsbericht zu Umweltschutz, sozialem Engagement und Unternehmensführung (ESG)

At Thyssengas, sustainability for the future means accepting corporate responsibility at ecological, economic and social level.

As part of our daily work, we do everything we can in our thoughts and actions to improve continuously on these three levels of sustainability. Sustainability is not a means to an end in itself, but an elementary component of our corporate self-image.

Assuming social responsibility is, therefore, one of our three corporate goals, alongside ensuring a secure energy supply and developing our business model.

Interview: More speed for a sustainable energy mix

Karin Arnold from the Wuppertal Institut and Thomas Gößmann, Managing Director of Thyssengas, talk about the green transformation of the Ruhr area and corporate responsibility, and look ahead to 2035.

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To reconcile entrepreneurial success and social responsibility, we are guided by our ESG mission statement. It serves as a crucial framework and guiding principle, offering essential direction to the company and its staff in their everyday activities.

Economically successful

Economic success is central to our activity. We work to add value and secure the future both for our employees and shareholders. We direct our activity towards long-term business success, at the same time keeping an eye on short- to medium-term influencing factors.


We interact with employees, suppliers, customers and those with whom we cooperate in a spirit of partnership.


We consider sustainability to be the principle underlying the continuous improvement of our business activity with regard to its long-term effects on our ecological, economic and social environment.


We behave towards all stakeholders in such a way that our actions are transparent, comprehensible and in harmony with our stated position.

Based on our mission statement, we have formulated specific goals for the future as part of our nachhalTG - Sustainability for the Future strategy. In doing so, we are guided by the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals and strive to make a meaningful contribution.

With our sustainability strategy "nachhalTG", we therefore pursue the following goals:

  • We want to contribute to transforming the energy supply of today into a completely CO2-neutral energy system.
  • We intend to operate our network climate-neutrally by 2040. To this end, we are already today actively lowering methane and CO2 emissions.
  • We assign the highest of all priorities to the work safety and the health of our employees. We provide an excellent work environment for our employees. We always act in accordance with applicable law and in an ethical manner.
  • We want to contribute to making peoples' lives better on all levels. We would therefore like to contribute to reducing social inequality while strengthening protection of the environment and nature in our network area.
Area of activity „Business Model and Innovations"

We contribute to ensuring affordable, reliable and sustainable access to modern energy and promoting a sustainable economy through the safe and efficient operation and development of our pipeline infrastructure.


With a green gas network that is set to be climate-neutral by 2040, we are increasing the resilience and sustainability of the Ruhr area.


We prioritise the well-being of our employees by placing them at the core of our operations, thereby ensuring occupational health and safety and nurturing our corporate culture, while upholding high ethical standards. This creates a secure and dependable working environment.


We contribute to inclusive, equal and high-quality education by supporting and engaging in social projects, including the promotion of disadvantaged children and young people within our network area.


Alle Details zur Umsetzung unserer Nachhaltigkeitsstrategie finden Sie in unserem Nachhaltigkeitsbericht, der in Übereinstimmung mit den GRI‑Standards: „Option Kern“ erstellt wurde und hier zum Download bereitsteht.

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