Health and occupational safety

Protecting the health of our employees is very important for Thyssengas.

We take responsibility for our workers and implement health and safety measures in collaboration with them.

In this, we take into consideration the wide range of laws, ordinances and accident insurer requirements that serve to ensure the health and safety of our employees at work in all fields of activity.

Health and safety protection at Thyssengas rests on the following pillars:

  • Risk assessments
  • Equipment inspections
  • Following instructions when carrying out activities involving hazardous materials
  • Providing and ensuring proper use of PPE (personal protective equipment)
  • Considering ergonomic aspects of work arrangements, working hours and the assessment of work processes
  • Prevention through occupational health management
  • Occupational medicine as a crucial component of occupational health management
    • Occupational health provision
    • Employee support programme
    • First aid organisation