Market survey for hydrogen and green gases

In the period from 11.01.2021 to 16.04.2021, a Germany-wide market survey on the demand for gas infrastructures for hydrogen and green gases will take place, which is aimed at companies, project managers and distribution network operators.

If you plan to produce or use hydrogen at your site in the future and are interested in connecting to a German hydrogen network, you have the opportunity to participate in the survey and register your future transport needs.

The results will be evaluated by all transmission system operators and form the basis for the Gas Network Development Plan 2022 – 2032 and thus for a future hydrogen network in Germany.

To participate, you can download the questionnaire and view the criteria for participation at the following links.



Please complete the questionnaire as fully as possible, enter Thyssengas GmbH as the responsible network operator in the appropriate field and send the form to the e-mail address

If you have any questions, please contact Jan Eisenberg at the following address:

Jan Eisenberg
Phone: 0231/91291-1930

Thank you for your participation in the market survey.

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