Thyssengas Netzauskunft

Intake capacity level

Information on the utilization of the grid is a service which is offered by Thyssengas GmbH to its network users to give them an overview of the possible injectivity of the Thyssengas H-gas grid.

The information shown in this section refers exclusively to the H-gas grid of Thyssengas GmbH. The publication of possible load of the L-gas is in the planning stages.

Information on the utilization of the grid will be published hourly in the form of a CSV file. The file contains information for possible injectivity in kWh/h, the sum of entry nominations in kWh/h, the sum of exit nominations in kWh/h, and the load in kWh/h.

The possible injectivity is an indication of the prospective additional amount that the grid could physically take in without affecting normal operations. For the grid user this means that this amount can still be nominated, without the prospect of interruptions. The time series for the entry or exit nominations show the sum of the nominations with respect to one direction respectively. The load represents the forecast grid supply to grid consumers and downstream network operators.

The time series are calculated until the end of the following gas day, based on the data available up to the time of publication. Past hours of the current gas day are shown as zeros.

The data used for the calculations is runtime data from operative systems without substitute values. This data is not related to invoicing so there may be differences between it and data published in the future or data related to invoicing.