Überwachung der Pipelines mit Drohnen

For us, every day is the first day of the future.

That is why, in all tasks and processes, we think in innovative solutions.

For example, where it comes to safety.

One of the reasons our 4,200-kilometre-long transport system functions as reliably as it does, is because we constantly check it on the ground and from the air. For aerial observations, we have previously used helicopter flights along the route – a source of noise and emissions. Especially as we are particularly safety-conscious and carry out these monitoring flights much more frequently than required.

How can we keep up our regime of aerial monitoring but still reduce emissions?

By replacing some of the helicopter flights with drones. Here, artificial intelligence is employed to recognise all the processes and faults that may affect a pipeline and automatically transmit their details to the control room. The planned drone flights will be markedly more environmentally friendly and can also take place more frequently than helicopter inspections. This increases efficiency and safety even further. In autumn 2019, we successfully completed our first drone test-flights. As soon as we receive approval for full-scale deployment, our safety checks from the air will become even more thorough.

Maintenance with full transparency.

In future, the latest augmented reality” technologies will make the maintenance of our technical systems even more efficient and reliable. Here, our employees will be able to look right into the heart of each facility using smartglasses. This will enable them to reliably determine the current status of all components and to tailor maintenance even more precisely to the specific system under observation.

The most important energy sources at Thyssengas are knowledge, experience and the innovative power our employees derive from them.
This is to stay this way, everything can be reinvented.

Wartung mit voller Transparenz: Überwachung der Pipelines mit Drohnen und Augmented Reality
The ground staff is happy: the test flight was a complete success.
The ground staff is happy: the test flight was a complete success.