Thyssengas Biogas

Transparent planning and construction processes

Planning, approval, construction and renaturation – a clearly structured, transparent process.

Here you will find the status reports for our current projects

Step 1:

The German Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) reviews the benefits of the community for each new pipeline which we construct.

If it is officially ascertained then a regional planning procedure will begin. In doing so, we determine the route for the pipeline in a 600-metre-wide corridor in such a way that the construction work causes as little negative impact as possible to transport infrastructures, residential areas and nature reserves. Businesses and communities are already involved in the planning in this phase because they submit a formal connection request with which they formulate how they intend to profit from the new pipeline. We create the plan for the regional planning procedure in dialogue with users and local residents and submit it for approval.

Step 2:

The regional planning procedure is followed by the plan approval procedure.

Now the planning is made precise down to the metre. We therefore maintain an especially close dialogue with all residents and communities along the line. In doing so, we adapt the planning to the desires and circumstances. It is perfectly normal for us to avoid a grove of old trees or the breeding grounds of certain animal species which shape the landscape, for instance.

Even the course of the construction work takes these things into consideration. We crossed below the Rysum bird sanctuary near Emden with an elaborate, kilometres-long horizontal drill hole, for example. The animals on the surface on the idyllic ponds and lakes did not notice at all that one of the country's highest-performance pipelines was being laid below them.

We stopped a pipeline project near Aachen until the owls in a nearby grove of trees had completed their brooding undisturbed. Naturally the trees were also kept in place so that the next generation of young owls would be able to enter the world there in the following year.