Thyssengas Biogas

Biogas grid map

Thyssengas biogas grid map
Biogas grid map - click to enlarge

All points of our transmission grid are displayed on this map in colour.

All points of our transmission grid are displayed on this map in colour. The map supplies biogas producers with an initial overview of biogas feed-in options. On the whole we give priority to biogas feed-ins. Some delay is possible however if a feed-in point is located in front of a section of grid through which only small quantities of natural gas are supplied to connected customers over the summer months.

In such instances we need to make the necessary technical adjustments to ensure that a feed-in nevertheless remains possible. This can entail the installation of additional compressors or the connection of two grid sections using a new natural gas pipeline. These measures take time and may affect the plans of biogas producers.

A biogas facility connection to our transmission grid is assumed to have an hourly output of 700 standard cubic metres (biogas prepared in compliance with G260 and G262).

The colour green indicates: an immediate feed-in is possible. If a pipeline is coloured red this means: the grid needs to be extended at this point to accommodate a biogas feed-in. The yellow sections are those areas for which feed-in enquiries are currently being processed. If these proposals are implemented and additional biogas feed-ins are required in these sections, additional measures will be needed.