Thyssengas Biogas

Environmentally friendly energy is available everywhere from our own cultivation.

It is well-known that biogas makes a valuable contribution to climate protection.

We have made sure that its advantages can now also benefit all areas through trade in our market areas. Biogas can be traded using our network access system. After their product has been suitably processed into natural gas quality, biogas producers can integrate it into the general gas supply and offer it to where it can be economically and efficiently used through our innovative network access system EESy, e.g. for generating heat and power in combined heat and power generation plants and gas fuelling stations. This makes a new dimension of cost-efficiency available to the producers of biogas - our transmission customers.

Unlike with fossil fuels, the carbon footprint of biogas combustion is neutral.

It is obtained from resources which are renewable in the short term such as maize and cereal. These plants absorb the same amount of carbon dioxide during their growth phase as is released when burnt. Burning fossil fuels in the present, in contrast, releases carbon dioxide which was absorbed millions of years ago. This carbon dioxide is additionally released into the atmosphere in the present.

Fair accounting is guaranteed.

Regardless of potential technical problems, an uncontrollable mixing of gases with differing energy content in a distribution network cannot be reconciled with the Weights and Measurements Act. The calorific value is only permitted to fluctuate by 1 percent. The Weights and Measurements Act provides for an assignment of the calorific values of the supplied gas down to the consumer for consumer protection. This is the only way for there to be fair accounting which ensures that each natural gas customer only pays for the amount of energy actually received.

Mixing makes biogas compatible with installations and the German Weights and Measurements Act.

Together with the Gaswärmeinstitut (GWI), Essen, we have developed a technical solution which makes biogas produced in an environmentally friendly way compatible with natural gas in our market areas. Our contact persons in Network Sales will give you further information on achieving low-calorific gas and high-calorific gas quality. Please contact us.

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Biogas creates new security

The use of renewable energies to generate heat and electricity is being increasingly promoted.

This also includes biogas, which could cover 10-15 percent of Germany's natural gas requirements, according to studies of the gas industry. In the long term this would decrease dependence on imports and act as an important pillar for securing the energy supply.