Thyssengas Gastransportsystem

One important prerequisite: regulation that offers security of investment

The development of a competitive hydrogen economy requires capable, secure and trans-regional transport infrastructure.

For this reason, it is important to create the right conditions for the economically viable conversion of pipelines in the existing natural gas network for hydrogen transport.

It is about harmonising speed, security of investment and efficiency. Not least to create a framework that promotes development, but also offers stability and certainty to market participants. This requires a regulatory framework taking account of the following aspects:

  • Natural gas and hydrogen networks must be viewed identically from the regulatory, financial and planning point of view
  • Hydrogen infrastructure must develop out of the natural gas network; both networks must interact like communicating pipelines.
  • A large portion of the gas regulatory framework should be transferred to hydrogen (“dynamic or learning regulation”) with the option for gradual adaptation to the needs of the nascent hydrogen market.

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