Thyssengas S&P Rating

Our strength for the region.

Thyssengas has been very successful in its pioneering role since 2011 as the first independent gas network operator.

In order to have this fact certified by a neutral body and to lay a solid foundation for our plans for expansion, we already had ourselves rated by the international rating agency Standard & Poor's in 2013. With the "A-" rating, we received an outstanding rating right off the start with which we position ourselves qualitatively between the most financially strong and stable corporations, insurance companies and banks worldwide.

At the end of 2014, Standard & Poor's raised our rating even higher up to an "A".

We are every bit as proud of the fact that we were able to combine this high cost-efficiency through our insourcing strategy with the retention of all jobs.

Our financial and staff strengths make us a reliable partner for potential cooperations with other network operators – for the benefit of the region and the secure supply of energy overall.