Thyssengas – Fortschritt für die Energiewelt von morgen.

Our ambition: Shaping the energy transition

Currently, around 80 percent of our energy needs are covered by molecular media, that is, gas and liquid sources.

There is massive potential here for environmental measures.

That is why we at Thyssengas are convinced that our 4,400-kilometre-long gas network will also play an important role in a carbon-neutral world. When gas and electricity come into intelligent interplay, when we are able to conceive of and couple the sectors with the highest consumption – heating, mobility, electricity generation and industry – as a single system: only then can we achieve the breakthrough to a carbon-free future.

Green hydrogen – and other non-fossil gases – will play a key role in this. Our deeply interconnected network will increasingly become the storage facility of the energy transition.

That is why, when we look to the future, what we see above all is exciting opportunities for us. We have always been pioneers, ready to overcome technical challenges and develop and implement new technologies. It is of decisive importance to us to bring our 390 employees with us on this journey, letting them adapt to our working methods and competences and bring new perspectives into the company.

If we succeed in this, we will be able, together with our partners and the entire sector, to shape the transformation of the energy landscape towards becoming a fully carbon-neutral system. Following the motto: Energy for the future.

Our contribution to the energy transition

It is not so easy to do all the things our transmission system combines: providing an energy medium over a large area, along transport routes that rarely malfunction and neither disrupt roads nor rivers.

To ensure our coverage remains comprehensive and easy for users to access in years to come, we are constantly expanding our network to meet our customers’ needs. Safety and environmentally responsible action are vital requirements for ensuring our services remain customer-focused in the future.