Thyssengas Gastransportsystem

Energy reaches its goal safely and pollution-free.

Natural gas tranport system

The Thyssengas transmission grid brings together what isn't all that easy to combine: the comprehensive availability of an energy source, transport channels that are extremely reliable and pollute neither rivers nor roads.

In order to guarantee a comprehensive and comfortable supply for consumers in future we are constantly expanding our grid to meet the needs of our customers. Safety and an environmentally sound procedure are absolute essentials so that we can continue to provide our customer-focused services in the future.

Our gas grid is becoming ever more efficient.

The European gas transmission grid is one of the most efficient in the world and constant investments are being made in new transport systems to make it even better. For example, Thyssengas is planning to connect new pipelines so that natural gas can be brought to consumers from a number of different sources. This will improve the security of supply and encourage competition.

As part of a collaborative initiative to create a cross-quality market area together with our partners bayernets GmbH, Eni Gas Transport Deutschland S.p.A., Open Grid Europe, GRTgaz Deutschland GmbH and GVS Netz GmbH, NetConnect Germany is bringing together a wide range of services for network providers and transport customers on our behalf. These services include accounting grid management, the provision and operation of a virtual trading point, the online provision of data relating to settlement and balancing energy, and balancing energy management.

By joining NetConnect Germany, we wish work together with our current and potential future partners to further develop the NCG market area over the long term and create one of the most liquid gas markets in Europe. The consolidation of market areas is already providing our transport customers with additional options and promoting competition in the natural gas market.

Thyssengas stands for a safe transmission grid.

The Thyssengas transmission grid has been built according to the latest international and national standards and regulations and guarantees compliance with high demands on safety and availability. New plants and pipelines are only commissioned following extensive tests for leaks, strength and functionality of the safety equipment and after clearance by independent experts.

The entire grid is inspected regularly from a helicopter to identify risks to the lines from unannounced building projects near the lines and inadmissible building on the protective strips either side of the lines as early as possible so that evasive action can be taken. Specialists check the grid regularly for leaks and the operability of the shut-off fittings. The use of ultramodern test methods such as intelligent pigs allows the detection of any damage to the lines and the prompt initiation of maintenance and repair work.

The entire pipeline system of Thyssengas GmbH is electrically protected against corrosion. The steel lines carry a protective current with a low negative voltage that prevents any corrosion if the polyethylene line sheathing that also serves as corrosion protection is damaged.

All safety equipment as well as the pressure and quantity curves in the grid are monitored and controlled from the permanently manned central control desk in Dortmund. A nationwide standby and repair service is on call around the clock to deal with incidents and emergencies.