Thyssengas – Fortschritt für die Energiewelt von morgen.

Thyssengas Managing Board

Dr. Thomas Gößmann

Chairman of the Executive Board of Thyssengas GmbH


1990-1992 Project Manager, ABB Produktionstechnik und Logistik GmbH
1992-1995 Head of Department, ABB Transformatoren GmbH
1995-1997 Plant Manager, ABB Transformatoren GmbH
1997-1999 Division Manager, ABB Calor Emag Schaltanlagen AG
1999-2002 Member of Executive Board, ABB Calor Emag Schaltanlagen AG
2002-2003 Managing Director, ABB Transformatoren GmbH
2003-2004 Managing Director, Ruhrgas Industries GmbH
2004-2012 Managing Director, terranets-bw GmbH
2014-2016 Managing Director, EQOS-Energie S.á.r.l.
2016-2017 Consultant Engineer and Managing Director, Glaukopis GmbH
as of 2017 Chairman of the Executive Board, Thyssengas GmbH

Jörg Kamphaus

Commercial Managing Director,
 Thyssengas GmbH


1989-1992 Dortmund University of Applied Sciences
Marketing and Controlling
1992-1994 Administration Manager
Material Flow and Logistics
1994-2000 Controller
Westfälische Ferngas AG
2001-2003 Head of Operational Controlling
2004 Head of Controlling, Gas Integration
RWE Westfalen Weser Ems AG
2004-2013 Division Manager
Commercial Functions Thyssengas GmbH
2013-06/2018 CFO 
Thyssengas GmbH
from 07/2018 ommercial Managing Director Thyssengas GmbH