So that you can achieve a good balance between work and life.

The course of life is seldom smooth and simple. Rather, it is a total artwork made of many different and often hard-to-reconcile plans, duties, events – and your career.

We support you in making a success of the total artwork that is “life”.

Flexible working hours

The 38-hour week is standard here. But you also have many opportunities to adjust this working period to your own personal situation or preferences. The flexible framework runs from Monday to Friday, 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
You can also take out minus hours from a generously apportioned working hours account, or fill it up with overtime credit. In this way, you remain flexible, and can easily combine private wishes with your working life.

Home office

If it is compatible with your activities, you can also work from home, on the approval of your manager. We are flexible: it is your performance at work, and not where you do it that counts.

Yearly holiday, special leave and free time

You have a right to 30 days’ holiday per year. In addition, we also determine where “bridge days” fall each year, on which you can gain long holidays with just small amounts of flexitime credit or statutory holiday allowances.

If, despite flexible working hours and generous holiday allowances, you still need extra time for a particular task or private initiative, you can also ask for additional unpaid leave.

Our most valuable resource is you.

That is why we support and encourage you in health care and provision.

Free flu vaccines – we take rigorous measures to care for your health.

Occupational healthcare plus

You can make use of our regular medical check-ups. And the additional flu jabs we offer will accompany you through the winter.

Preventive treatment and allowances

We support preventive outpatient treatments, because we want to stop you from falling ill.
If you nevertheless come up against a medical issue that needs treatment, say, a tooth replacement or special illness, we will support you with allowances. Our offers are unlimited after one year of belonging to the company.

The support programme for all life’s situations

At times of particular stress, we won’t leave you out in the cold. External, neutral contacts will help you with medical, psychological or social support. This also applies to your family members.

Good company culture

Measures like after-work meetings, Christmas events or our annual employee-planned company party round off the programme, ensuring a healthy work atmosphere.