Thyssengas Energiewende

Help us to shape the energy revolution successfully.

Our gas infrastructure and knowledge will smooth the way towards the climate-friendly energy sector of the future.

If we want to achieve the climate targets we have set, we need a new energy sector.

Natural gas is in our DNA, and we are convinced that it has the potential to be an intermediate energy medium. The specific carbon dioxide emissions of natural gas are much lower than those of coal or oil. In addition, as against renewables such as wind, solar and hydro, natural gas offers considerable advantages where security of supply is concerned. Natural gas as a bridge energy source

Already today, we are relying more and more on environmentally-friendly energy media such as biogas. Producers of biogas can feed their product, after suitable preparation, into our network, providing it to consumers for economical and efficient use. We also use biogas to operate our pipeline network, as the fuel for our compressor stations. More about our biogas activities

We want to bring our assets into the future by operating successfully in our core business and actively supporting the transformation of the energy sector, in particular where hydrogen is concerned. Industry’s hopes depend on hydrogen to lead it towards a CO2-neutral world. Because hydrogen can be manufactured environmentally and does not produce CO2. Hydrogen as the energy medium of the future

No matter what energy medium we are talking about, transportation requires a comprehensive, efficient, secure infrastructure, helping it get where it is needed. Here at Thyssengas, we are convinced that our transmission system can take on exactly this function: it is around 4,400 kilometres long, deeply integrated into West Germany, lies in the direct vicinity of numerous wind and solar parks and is ready to transport green gases without much adaptation required.

We want to bring in people who will work with us to achieve our goal of creating the environmentally friendly energy landscape of the future.

The task is demanding, important and offers you exciting perspectives into all fields. This is as much the case for apprentices, young professionals and experienced workers – for technicians, engineers and business people. We have places on our team for top workers and talents who want to take part in working on the new energy sector with full commitment.

Jörg Kamphaus, commercial manager and Dr. Thomas Gößmann, chair of the board of managers

The satisfaction that comes with working on something big is not all.

We also offer you security, development opportunities, support in managing family life and work, attractive remuneration and much more. Our transparent company structure, with around 400 employees at present – and growing – gives us the opportunity to support every individual in a targeted way.

We look forward to a future with you.

New for almost 100 years.

Over its 100 years of eventful company history, Thyssengas has always been a pioneer. We transported various gases through our network and implemented numerous technical innovations.

In the energy transition, our pioneering spirit is more in demand than ever. Because only if we consider electricity, heating, transport and industry as an interconnected system, coupling them together intelligently, can we achieve the breakthrough of a decarbonised energy industry. That is why we are exploring new technologies, setting up cooperative projects and developing the competences of our team. We are engaged in a large number of initiatives and projects relating to futuristic hydrogen technologies – you can find more about this here: Our hydrogen initiatives

We intend to make other innovative contributions to a successful energy revolution in the future. This all only happens because of our competent, highly professional employees. That is why we are looking for people who would like to work in the top league.

Where your work leaves good marks.

What other transport system can claim to work in such an environmentally friendly way as ours?

Almost invisible, nearly emissions-free, it transports huge quantities of energy across country.

In doing so, it neither burdens the roads or the rivers. However, to extend our system we do sometimes have to disturb the natural world. When we do this, we always strive to leave the landscape in a better state than before our construction measures. Biologists and landscape planners support us in this – and you can find detailed information on our rewilding measures here.

This is something we do even if it takes great technical effort and investment.

For example, we built a new pipeline through a bird sanctuary of several square kilometres in Rysum on the North Sea, without any traces of our work being seen or heard. The birds and their chicks were completely undisturbed. This was only possible using technically and financially costly horizontal drilling, crossing the protected area underground.

When we enter into places where people live, we do it in close consultation with local farmers, inhabitants and authorities. Transparency and considerateness are our watchwords.

Our economic strength is your solid foundation.

Our business model offers you particular security for the future.

The foundation of our strength is a prudent policy of investment, one which, because of strict regulatory requirements, we closely cooperate on with the Federal Network Agency. As soon as these investment plans are approved as sensible and important for German energy supplies, the long-term return on our investment is guaranteed. In this way, we achieve stable results, year on year. Thus, the path to a future of continued growth is automatically laid: in the coming years, we will invest more than 500 million euro in the extension of our network. This also provides a calm outlook for you personally.

It is this sector-specific situation, within the free market, that allows us – and you, as an employee – a particularly high level of planning security.

With a secure position at Thyssengas, you will find starting a family, buying a home and achieving other life goals much easier.


Taking on responsibility – within and without

We have our roots in our region and thus feel a sense of responsibility that goes beyond matters of energy supply.

We support the Berufsbildungswerk Volmarstein (vocational training centre) in achieving professional inclusion for young people by offering internship placements. Within our support programme for the “football kids” of the Anne-Frank-Schule, we offer them the chance to train with a Borussia Dortmund coach, to celebrate success as a team and at the same time improve their school results.

Simply being an employer is not enough for us.

You don’t live to work. You want to live and work. If you join our team, we feel responsible for you. That is why we offer you a whole package of measures to help you keep your life in balance.

Starting work comes easy.

When you arrive here, we will immediately welcome you openly and integrate you in the team. You will be supported by individual induction plans and our onboarding days for new colleagues. Your ideas can run free; the paths to good decisions are short.

Moving up is also simple.

Because many colleagues are approaching retirement age, we have an urgent need for professionals, whom we prefer to train up in-house. That means: whether you are fresh from school, university or another employer, you will be supported in a targeted way. And we prefer to create competence within the firm and keep it there, rather than outsourcing tasks. This gives you a stable work environment and good development opportunities.

Our workforce is a valuable resource that we like to protect.

Your health and safety in the workplace are right at the top of our list. Thanks to occupational check-ups, flu jabs and preventive treatment grants, you can stay as healthy as you, and we, would like.

TG2 – shaping Thyssengas together

In all our strategic activity, it is important to us to build on the expertise and engagement of our employees. Our current company-wide project, “TG2 – shaping Thyssengas together” clearly shows this: in order to make our strategy reality and help shape the energy transition as it plays out in the gas sector, we want to ramp up our activities and, alongside maintaining our strong, stable core business, keep our minds open to new ideas, consciously driving forward change.

To do this, we will also use the experiences of the last few months to formulate, together with our employees, our ideas relating to our long-term customer orientation, the new world of work and how to remain an attractive employer. In this, we will consider both external factors (such as the energy transition and digitalisation) and internal ones (such as collaboration or leadership questions).

We will all work together, in interdepartmental teams, to achieve these stated goals.