Thyssengas freiwillige Leistungen und Wertschätzung

Fairness in facts – benefits for employees

Thyssengas GmbH is in great shape – you too should benefit from this.

The basics: attractive remuneration.

You get twelve monthly payments and a Christmas bonus. We also set incentives, via variable pay or performance-related bonuses.

We check remuneration regularly, so that we are sure we are able to make you a good offer in all market environments.

Task-related qualifications.

You can discuss your plans and ambitions with us in employee meetings. If you need an additional qualification for your activities, our catalogue of internal seminars already offers you a broad spectrum. Naturally, you can also choose from the external seminars offered there. After all, we want you to approach your new tasks with the best possible preparation.

Personally motivated qualifications.

Your qualification is always in our interests. But in particular cases, your ambitions will correspond particularly well with our needs. At such times, we will free you from your ordinary responsibilities and also support you financially. Our development programmes support you in building up a professional network and prepare you for future leadership tasks.

An extra plus: our voluntary benefits.

Company pensions

We will take out an old-age, disability, widow’s and orphan’s pension for you. In this way, you ensure the accrual of yearly pension modules for you and your dependants. The extent of the benefit depends on your contribution-related income and age.

Direct insurance

This offers the same advantages as deferred compensation. Here, payments-in are limited to eight per cent of the income threshold (West Germany); the maximum amount outside the scope of social security is currently four per cent. Within these limits, you yourself set the extent of your payment. It is tax-free throughout your professional life. Only once you are a pensioner must you pay tax on the income resulting from it. That is, many years from now, when your tax rate will be lower than in active working life.


Deferred remuneration

You can invest part of your yearly salary in your pension scheme. You pay no tax and social security on this part of your income – here too, you are accruing pension modules. A further advantage: we top up your payments with a subsidy of 30 per cent (maximum 300 euro per year). Thanks to this overall package, the return for your own personal contribution is very attractive. You are able to use deferred remuneration from one year of belonging to the firm.

Child benefits

If you become a parent, you receive child benefits from us – a basis of support for the extra expenditures that a growing family has to manage.

Further benefits to make your life easier.

Sickness subsidies

If you are ill for a longer than the six weeks after which continued pay from your employer ends, we will top up your gross sick pay to your comparison net amount. We will pay this from the start of your sickness for twelve months.

Travel expense compensation

For work-related travel in your private vehicle, you receive a higher mileage allowance than the 30 cents per kilometre prescribed in the tax codes.

Occupational disability insurance

We have a framework contract that you can use to take out occupational disability insurance. You need not take a health check-up to do so. This gives you another opportunity to defer remuneration in order to make provision for a loss of working ability.

Cheap food and parking

You pay only 20 euro a month for an employee parking space in the underground garage, while the main train station and an U-Bahn stop are in the direct vicinity of our headquarters. In addition, you can profit from food allowances and discounts for lunch in Dortmund and Duisburg. Hot and cold drinks at work are in general free.

Any other ideas?

If you have a useful idea for Thyssengas or one that aids Thyssengas’ intentions, we pay you a bonus. Because we are convinced that the best insight comes from practical work. That is why we support creativity and fresh thinking.